I left awhile ago…but I’m still alive.

I haven’t updated this in awhile. I actually started a new tumblr that is focussed on my journey with UI design. Feel free to follow. Thanks for following me on this Tumblr. The blog of Adam is officially no more. 


This video is incredible. I love the future/present. 

Cool Shirt, Great Cause


Sevenly’s mission is to raise awareness and capital for the world’s greatest causes. Every week is a new shirt, and for every shirt sold $7 goes to that charity. It’s almost like Shirt.Woot and Threadless, but your helping a worthy cause in the end. Easy enough, right? 

What Steve Job’s Is To Me


What is a hero? Someone that you want to be like. A hero is someone who’s achievements changed things for the good. A hero inspires.

If you haven’t seen this video yet, you haven’t been on the internet. This is the new Wacom Inkling. The Inkling allows you to write on paper and immediately upload your sketches to the computer. The technology is extremely impressive, and probably one of the most interesting devices to hit the market in the past year. Graphic designers, artists, and illustrators are already getting their wallets ready for the mid-September release. 

The Fiat 500 has brought a taste of Europe to the States. It was recently added to Kelley Blue Book’s top five new-car choices for a 2011 Back-to-School Car. It must be the Italian lure, the 38 MPG, or the fact that you don’t need to break the bank to own a little glossy 500 in your garage. Not to mention the ad campaign is also a thing of beauty. TV needs more of this. Enjoy. 

Really Small, But Really Awesome


If your into notebooks, Scout Books are your new best friend. These small wonders for your thoughts are customizable. So, design your heart away and reap the sweet benefits of your work. 

Comeback Time


Braun has released their minimalist watches in the good old US of A. The watches are extremely clean and beautiful, and are throwbacks from the 1970’s. Did I mention they are beautiful? I did. They were designed by industrial designer Dieter Rams. This may not seem like a big deal, but Dieter Rams was very influential to Jonathan Ive. Don’t know who Jonathan Ive is? Just look at how beautiful Apple products are. Yeah, he designed those. 

More at Braun-Clock.com 

Heading to Vegas? Don’t miss this. The West Lobby at the Cosmopolitan shows of 400+ displays mixed with mirrors and columns. It’s the screen saver we always wanted. 

This was by far the best April Fool’s Joke this year. 

Mother Fonting Sweet Clock


Typography is one of the best things in this world. Face it. Every ad you see, every page you read, every commercial you watch, typography is the key factor to what makes things great. For those who love type and want to wake every morning to it, enjoy the Font Clock listed above. It’s ridiculously overpriced, but it’s beautiful. 



OK, from a personal standpoint I wanted to post this because I am a little biased. The University of Central Florida is experimenting with lasers for our everyday computing and networking. Why am I biased regarding this story? Because I graduated from this fine University. To make this easy on everyone, they are creating ways for our data to transfer quicker. For the full story check out the links below. 

Physorg.com & Engadget

A few words come to mind when I see this, “Real life Toy Story.”  This short film by Alt Media Productions is incredible. To sum it up, it’s real life footage made to look like a huge land of toys. The effects are amazing. Enjoy.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Wondering what to get your favorite nerd this Valentine’s day? Here’s a round up my favorite geeky gifts for the typophile, design elitist and all-around geek you adore so much.

GQ Spring Style Preview


Sick of the cold? Well, there is nothing we can do about that, but move to a hotter location. We can only think about spring and its many changes. One thing that changes is fashion. No more large coats. It’s time to feel free again. Want to know how to look classy? GQ has dropped a serious Style Preview.  CHECK IT!